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Secrétariat aux affaires autochtones


The Aboriginal nations are experiencing significant social problems that stem from a history marked by iniquity, attempts at assimilation and systemic racism. The Aboriginal peoples have for centuries displayed a remarkable capacity to adapt to the significant pressures exercised on their way of life. Proud of their difference and imbued with their cultures, the Aboriginal peoples have never relinquished the assertion of their aspirations.

However, the disturbing observations that are made today on the health of the Aboriginal communities. demand vigorous action. The Québec government recognizes its responsibility to act and also acknowledges the urgency of doing so. The enhancement of the Aboriginal peoples’ living conditions is, from now on, a priority.

The Government Action Plan for the Social and Cultural Development of the First Nations and Inuit 2017-2022 seeks to respond to the calls for action issued by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. The approach that it is initiating is open-ended. It marks a point of departure that initially proposes the implementation of 110 concrete measures supported by $147.3 million in funding over five years. The approach can be gradually enriched through the addition of new initiatives designed in conjunction with the Aboriginal communities.

Through the action plan, the Québec government is initiating a unique way of contributing to the social and cultural development of the Aboriginal populations. Indeed, the Québec government’s initiatives in these spheres will henceforth be articulated in a single instrument and no longer by means of the ad hoc initiatives of government departments and bodies. In so doing, the government understands that its intervention must hinge on a comprehensive perspective that incorporates all dimensions of life in society: health, social services, education, justice, public security, gender equality and complementarity, housing, employment, youth, culture, languages, citizen involvement, and so on.

The Québec government is convinced that it can thus contribute more effectively and sustainably to the betterment and progress of the Aboriginal societies to better build, together, the Québec of tomorrow.

Context. Policy direction. Strategic priorities. The Measures. Conclusion.

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Secrétariat aux affaires autochtones
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