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InuitYouth Strategic Action Plan – 2016-2021
Seniors’ Policy and Action Plan

Two new Nunavik social and cultural development tools are unveiled

Québec City, August 22, 2018 – The Quebec government is proud to announce that Inuit young people have a new tool to guide their self-fulfilment and to achieve their full potential: the Inuit Youth Strategic Action Plan – 2016-2021, elaborated with the valuable collaboration of the Qarjuit Youth Council. Moreover, the Kativik Regional Government has officially unveiled its Seniors’ Policy and Action Plan.

MNA for Ungava Jean Boucher made the announcement today on behalf of Minister responsible for Native Affairs Geoffrey Kelley and Parliamentary Assistant to the Premier (youth) Karine Vallières.

The Inuit Youth Strategic Action Plan – 2016-2021stems from an extensive consultation conducted among Inuit young people. It reflects their concerns, especially from the viewpoint of their mental and physical health, education and school retention, employment and cultural identity. It clearly positions Inuit young people as stakeholders in their nation’s prosperity. Furthermore, the creation of a vast network of young people able to mobilize their communities is one of the strategy’s priority initiatives.

The strategy’s elaboration falls within the scope of The 2030 Quebec Youth Policy and the attendant Youth Action Strategy. Over the next four years, the Quebec government will allocate $400 000 annually to facilitate the strategy’s implementation.

The Seniors’ Policy and Action Plan presented by the Kativik Regional Government was elaborated under the Ministère de la Famille’s Senior-Friendly Municipality (SFM) program. It will enable local communities to offer seniors the services and care that they need. The approach will also contribute to the attainment of the objectives pursued by the 2017-2022 Government Action Plan for the Social and Cultural Development of the First Nations and Inuit.

“I would first like to congratulate the Qarjuit Youth Council for its outstanding efforts. It is a valuable contact for all Inuit young people who rightly see themselves as agents for change in their community. Inuit communities are young and full of potential. This strategy perfectly reflects this vision for the future as it is supported by the necessary objectives and practical means. I would like to pay tribute to this approach aimed at young people and to the Kativik Regional Government’s efforts on behalf of seniors. Both approaches will most certainly enhance the quality of life of Nunavimmiut.”

Geoffrey Kelley, Minister responsible for Native Affairs

“It is fortunate that the two strategies are taking shape simultaneously since they are likely to be mutually self-reinforcing. What is more, we can only encourage the strengthening of intergenerational bonds, especially when the parties are seeking to do so. This is an undeniable asset in a context where we are striving to promote culture and foster community cohesion.”

Jean Boucher, MNA for Ungava and Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Forests, Wildlife and Parks

“Inuit young people wish to proudly assert themselves in the modern world. They accurately perceive their situation and are adopting concrete objectives. Inuit culture and values could be valuable tools to elaborate their own definition of success. This is all highly promising.”

Karine Vallières, Parliamentary Assistant to the Premier (youth)

“Seniors are the guardians of heritage, culture and language and are essential members of Nunavik society. The Kativik Regional Government’s Seniors’ Policy and Action Plan specifies the challenges that they are facing, in particular from the standpoint of their health, safety and social participation in the community. The action plan includes concrete solutions to deal with these challenges and relies on the collaboration of several organizations in the region. It also fosters dialogue, which will certainly contribute to facilitating intergenerational reconciliation.”

Jennifer Munick, President of the Kativik Regional Government


  • The 2030 Quebec Youth Policy calls for two other Aboriginal youth action strategies. The 2017-2022 Action Strategy for Cree Young People, produced by the Cree Nation Youth Council, was unveiled last May. The First Nations of Quebec-Labrador Youth Network, Quebec Native Women and the Regroupement des centres d’amitié autochtones du Québec are elaborating the Aboriginal youth action strategy.
  • The Premier of Quebec is directly responsible for The 2030 Québec Youth Policy. It serves as a frame of reference and affords the government an opportunity to give new impetus to its intervention aimed at young people.
  • The 2016-2021 Youth Action Strategy contains measures that the government intends to fund to attain over the next five years the objectives of The 2030 Québec Youth Policy.
  • The Government Action Plan for the Social and Cultural Development of the First Nations and Inuit focuses specifically on Aboriginal young people. It seeks to support the Aboriginal communities to enable them to guide young people in their life paths and offer services that will help them to become active citizens capable of effectively playing the central role that is necessarily theirs in the development and vitality of their communities and Québec society as a whole.
  • One measure in the action plan, under the responsibility of the Secrétariat aux aînés, targets, in particular, the elaboration of initiatives through the Senior-Friendly Municipality program in Aboriginal communities in order to offer a personalized guidance service for First Nations and Inuit communities wishing to establish conditions to optimize possibilities for active ageing.
  • The Inuit Youth Strategic Action Plan – 2016-2021 seeks to position Inuit young people as stakeholders in the prosperity of their nation.

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