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Belonging to the greater Algonquin linguistic and cultural family, the Abenakis of Québec originally came from the area currently occupied by the states of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. In 1700, the Abenakis settled permanently in Odanak and Wôlinak, namely on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River, near Trois-Rivières.
Today, more than 2,000 Abenakis live in Québec, including close to 400 in Odanak and Wôlinak in the Centre-du-Québec region. French is the language that is spoken by the majority of them. Only a few Abenakis use English.
Numerous cultural organizations, such as the Odanak Historical Society, the Musée des Abénakis, the Alnôbaiwi Group and the Mikwobait Dance Troup, are dedicated to protecting and disseminating the Abenaki culture. In addition, the Abenakis are known for their enterprising spirit as well as for the partnerships that they develop with both aboriginals and non-aboriginals.
Since 1986, the Abenakis have been represented by the Grand Council of the Waban-Aki Nation.

Grand Council of the Waban-Aki Nation: http://www.nationwabanaki.com/pag/historique.htm.

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