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Secrétariat aux affaires autochtones
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Government Action Plan for the Social and Cultural Development of the First Nations and Inuit 2017-2022

Strategic priority 1 - Enhance services

It should be noted that each measure that directly affects women (W) and young people (Y) is indicated in the right-hand column.

1.1 Implement a diversified, effective, relevant, reassuring service offer from the standpoint of the Aboriginal cultures
MeAsures D/A
W/ Y
1.1.1 Support projects devoted specifically to Aboriginal realities under the Fight against Homophobia program MJQ SAA  
1.1.2 Offer a guidance and specialized information service to Aboriginal workers and employers through liaison officers and develop specific measures for the Aboriginal communities CCQ   W
1.1.3 Carry out a diagnosis and propose recommendations to counteract discrimination toward the Aboriginal peoples in the construction industry, in particular toward women and the Aboriginal peoples in urban environments CCQ   W
1.1.4 Elaborate initiatives and projects that target the educational success and school retention of Aboriginal students MEES D/A concerned Y
1.1.5 Facilitate the hiring of staff to support students and parents in the learning path MEES   Y
1.1.6 Support the establishment of two Aboriginal student housing pilot projects MEES SHQ
1.1.7 Support the establishment by the Aboriginal communities of mechanisms to handle customary adoption files MJQ MSSS  
1.1.8 Establish guidance programs in the courts for Aboriginal offenders, especially as regards questions related to alcohol and drug addiction, spousal and family violence, mental health or homelessness MJQ MSP
The judiciary
1.1.9 Enhance the youth sexual abuse prevention and intervention plan, once it is in force, through the establishment of an Aboriginal component MSP SAA Y
1.1.10 Establish a mixed police action—community service providing team in Sept-Îles MSP (SQ) MSSS  
1.1.11 Carry out initiatives in the territories that the Plan Nord covers to mitigate adverse impacts from northern development on Aboriginal women and prevent sexual abuse toward the Aboriginal peoples, especially women and children SCF Pland Nord
1.1.12 Offer Aboriginal inmates in detention facilities services and conditions more favourable to the initiation of a rehabilitation or healing process, by means of a culturally adapted approach MSP    
1.1.13 Design and implement a province-wide tool to collect clinico-administrative data from centres designated to provide emergency services to sexual assault victims MSSS   W
1.1.14 Implement cultural safety strategies to enhance the service delivery of the health and social services network MSSS    
1.1.15 Develop access to the services of midwives in non-treaty Aboriginal communities MSSS   W
1.1.16 Elaborate a training program to support intervention among young people and Aboriginal families in difficulty MSSS   Y
1.1.17 Financially support Quebec Native Women to offer training in respect of sexual assault (“Sortir de l’ombre, marcher vers la lumière”) to interveners who work with the clientele in Québec Aboriginal friendship centres MSSS   W
1.1.18 Establish general training accessible online on Aboriginal realities for government employees in the public and parapublic sectors SAA D/A concerned  
1.1.19 Support initiatives aimed at combating abuse and promote the proper treatment of Aboriginal seniors (Improved june 5, 2018) SAA
D/A concerned  
1.1.20 Support, in partnership with Aboriginal organizations, developmental projects for Aboriginal women in the realm of sexual abuse SAA SCF
D/A concerned
1.1.21 Support, in partnership with Aboriginal organizations, developmental projects aimed at reducing the persistent, worrisome inequality that Aboriginal women are facing SCF SAA
1.1.22 Support, in partnership with Aboriginal organizations, developmental projects for Aboriginal women in the realm of spousal and family violence SCF D/A concerned W
1.1.23 Adapt information and awareness-raising tools in the addiction prevention campaign MSSS    
1.1.24 Inform and heighten awareness among pregnant women, those who wish to become pregnant and their family circle concerning the risks linked to psychoactive substances MSSS   W
1.1.25 Make accessible training to support the rollout of the addiction service offer for community interveners and Aboriginal organizations MSSS    
1.1.26 Reach agreements to establish a specific Aboriginal youth protection scheme MSSS SAA Y
1.1.27 Provide financial support for initiatives contributing to the adoption and maintaining of healthy lifestyles among Aboriginal people living either temporarily or permanently in an urban setting (Added march 5, 2018) MSSS SAA  

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1.2 Consolidate existing services and promote the establishment of service continuums through the complementarity of initiatives
MeAsures D/A
1.2.1 Elaborate a communications and awareness-raising plan adapted to the Aboriginal clientele CCQ   W
1.2.2 Train criminal and penal prosecuting attorneys in Aboriginal realities in the context of criminal justice DCPP    
1.2.3 Offer an awareness-raising activity on Aboriginal realities for elected municipal officers and officials MAMOT SAA  
1.2.4 Support projects that enable students to engage in a sustained manner in learning (Improved march 5, 2018) MEES   Y
1.2.5 Promote the establishment of smaller classes for Aboriginal students MEES   Y
1.2.6 Promote the organization of teaching practicums in Aboriginal communities MEES   Y
1.2.7 Elaborate, with Aboriginal partners and officials in the health and social services network responsible for Aboriginal issues, a strategy designed to enhance access to and the continuity of addiction services for members of the First Nations and Inuit MSSS    
1.2.8 Establish terminology sessions that target certain Aboriginal languages in order to elaborate and revise common law legal terms MJQ DCPP
1.2.9 Group together cases involving Aboriginal individuals who live in remote communities and hold hearings for those cases on the same days MJQ Magistrature
1.2.10 Promote the use of videoconferencing in Aboriginal communities during meetings between the criminal or penal prosecuting attorney and the victim MJQ DCPP  
1.2.11 Heighten awareness among and train interveners in the socio-judicial sector so that their initiatives are culturally adapted MJQ    
1.2.12 Increase the number of awareness-raising sessions devoted to Aboriginal realities and make them accessible to non-native police officers in Aboriginal police forces MSP (SQ)    
1.2.13 Establish online training on Aboriginal realities for members of the Sûreté du Québec MSP (SQ)    
1.2.14 Extend Aboriginal liaison services to urban settings MSP (SQ)    
1.2.15 Offer the Aboriginal peoples the possibility of obtaining the assistance of an interpreter to guide them during sessions before the Commission québécoise des libérations conditionnelles CQLC    
1.2.16 Offer, on request, the translation into English of decisions of the Commission québécoise des libérations conditionnelles CQLC    
1.2.17 Design and make available training on sexual assault, including a module devoted to intervention among the Aboriginal clientele, for interveners and professional staff in the health and social services network MSSS   W
1.2.18 Enhance the program in faculties of medicine for the First Nations and Inuit of Québec MSSS MEES Y
1.2.19 Implement the Stratégie pour l’intégration professionnelle des Premières Nations et des Inuits MTESS    
1.2.20 Facilitate the placement of coordinators specializing in the fight against elder abuse devoted specifically to the First Nations, the Inuit and the Cree (Improved june 5, 2018) SA    
1.2.21 Support the adaptation in the form of a digital platform of Aboriginal Peoples - Fact and Fiction SAA MJQ
1.2.22 Implement the recommendations of the report of the Committee (PDF, 98 pages) on the application of the Act to amend the Professional Code and other legislative provisions in the field of mental health and human relations in the Aboriginal communities, especially those that target additional hiring, training and retention of professionals working in the realm of health and social services SAA OPQ
1.2.23 Pursue the implementation of local coordinating tables of the Table centrale sur l’accessibilité des services pour les Autochtones en milieu urbain SAA MEES
1.2.24 Produce a directory of training offered focusing on Aboriginal realities and cultural safety SAA D/A concerned  
1.2.25 Enhance the multi-year administrative agreements with regional governments and Cree and Inuit women’s groups SCF   W
1.2.26 Fund a measure to reduce the cost of low-cost housing for tenants in Nunavik SHQ Plan Nord  
1.2.27 Support the construction below the 55th parallel of public and community housing units for the Aboriginal peoples in urban environments under the AccèsLogis Québec program SHQ SAA  
1.2.28 Enhance the Programme spécial de rénovation de maisons de la communauté algonquine de Kitcisakik SHQ SAA
1.2.29 Elaborate a frame of reference on life projects for Aboriginal children MSSS   Y
1.2.30 Financially support and ensure the development in Aboriginal communities of culturally relevant intervention by the assistance centres for victims of crime (CAVAC) in order to offer culturally relevant, reassuring services to crime victims MJQ   W
1.2.31 Support the structuring initiatives, especially in the realm of skills development, prioritized by the Réseau pour la stratégie urbaine de la communauté autochtone de Montréal SAA    
1.2.32 Develop and deploy training for workers in the health and social services system and in Aboriginal organizations, with the goal of better taking into account practices that are culturally safe and relevant to First Nations and Inuit in the context of interventions in health promotion and prevention of preventable problems (Added march 5, 2018) MSSS SAA  
1.2.33 Provide financial support for the organization of physical activities among young Aboriginal people in the school system to foster a physically active lifestyle, particularly through interschool games (Added march 5, 2018) MEES  
1.2.34 Implement a new food security policy for the region of Nunavik1 (Added march 5, 2018) MSSS (Régie régionale de la santé et des services sociaux du Nunavik)  
1.2.35 Promote the Québec ami des aînés program in Aboriginal communities in Québec (Added june 5, 2018) SA SAA  
1.2.36 Provide a personalized accompaniment service for First Nations and Inuit communities wishing to create the conditions to optimize opportunities for active aging (Added june 5, 2018) SA SAA  

1 Implementation of this policy will be subject to its adoption by the competent authorities.

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